sábado, janeiro 30, 2010

Babies first walk outside

Having a litter at Casa Mont'Alves is an adventure that envolves everyone and only with the help of all is possible to once and a while breed a litter. We like to take our puppies to the garden close to our house once they complete 5 weeks. It is important for the dogs to experience new fellings and that is only possible outside our house.
Well it all starts with the transportation :) what a logistic we have to have !!!!
The first couple of minutes is always a little scary , but that is just for such a short while that soon the problem is to keep them all together !!!!!



Crazy happy puppies !!!!



After the walk a little time in the balcony while the beds are cleaned !!!!!
Walking takes up a lot of energy. Time to refill . I am very proud of my puppies that use their own bathroom very very well. Brave puppies !!!!!!!!!!
It is also very tiring so time to take a nap !!!!
and this will contnue until they start the adventure in their new homes !!!!!


Anónimo 6:51 da tarde  

hi everyone,

it looks like quite an adventure going to the park with those cuties!!!!

They are all soooo darn cute!

Have fun before you know it they have left for their new homes.......


Laureate 4:24 da tarde  

It looks like they had a great time! What a production having so many puppies the same age. Good thing you have lots of willing helpers...

It inspires me to put the puppies outside; only problem is it is -14 C!

Cheers, Kim

Shelamo Shelties 10:25 da tarde  

What a cute group of pups ... and different colours too :)!! don't I wish it was that warm here ... like Kim says -14C, and even -25C with the windchill doesn't even give the older dogs much ouside time! In/out, in/out is a day long chore right now.

Happy Puppy Breath! Maureen

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