terça-feira, março 31, 2009

Denyah was matted

Today Denyah was mated for the first time with Enzo.
All seems to go well for the mont'alves laeken puppies to be born arround the begining of June.

sábado, março 21, 2009

Mont'Alves Baby Laekens !!!!!

Today i notest that Denyah is in season. She will be mated to Enzo d'Eroudur.
More news soon !!!!!

I wonder if it is true !!!! Anyway it looks great :)

terça-feira, março 17, 2009

Getting PRO ...

Laeken coat is so very easy to maintain, in fact you only need a comb rack and that is about everything to have an always looking good, always ready for the show ring laeken .The same can not be said about shelties. It seems that they need a lot more preparation and gear to be perfect in the show ring and on our home. So after my fantastic birthday gift ( the super hairdryier) i felt that something was missing. After last weekend show, the great result from Quila and seeing Pedro and Claudia (Samspring - Samoyeds) gromming case i thought hummmm i think i need this. So my dear friend Catarina ( that has connections...) got me the new addition to my show gear :) VOILA !!!

I am so happy !!!!!!!!!! So now my old, but always sucessful gromming bag is going to rest for a while :)

segunda-feira, março 16, 2009

The most sweet flower in the world :)

On saturday we had some friends over to tell us all about crufts this year. Bunny decided to make a special desert :)
It was so funny to see the faces when the flower went to the table for dessert.
I must say it was the most sweet dirt ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pre wash IhIhIhIhIh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first big picture - Thank you Kim :)


domingo, março 15, 2009

New chupa Chups Doggy beds

I love the company where i work. Now they even have beds for dogs, but cats also like them
Iuupiiii Chupa Chups

A very happy family

The most beautiful cat in the world - My Margarida

There are no words to express the love i have for my lovely margarida. She is all that one can wish for from a friend.

Cool Pig

On Friday my darling Henrique turned 7 and he received a skate board from my father and Paula made him his favourite cake Pancake cake :)

Everyone had to try the skate even Prince :)

sexta-feira, março 13, 2009

Coisa Linda

domingo, março 08, 2009

A little brag

This weekend it took place the 18th National and the 16th international Vila Franca de Xira shows.

Quila was entered for the first time in intermidiate class and at the two shows she got BOB. GREAT. She won the first two CAC's towards her portuguese champion tittle.

But that was not all. On saturday she was short listed amoung the last 6 in the group and on sunday she got 4th in group. I am so very happy :)

But that was not all. I handle two pugs for my dear friends Ivone and Paim owners of the Ivory Valmosqueiro kennel. It was a pleasure to have the fantastic and always happy Nikita and the little clown Quincy at home for the weekend. Nikita was best female both days and my little Quincy got RBIS puppy on saturday and BIS puppy on sunday.

It was a great weekend.

Riverside RULES !!!!!

Our friend Ana, the owner of the so wonderful Preston also known as Didi, went to Crufts with his breeder and Deidre the mother of her other corgi Mausi, also known as Rata.

Didi was reserve best dog and Deidre BOB.

That was wonderful but the best was yet to come when Deidre got 2nd in pastoral group at Crufts.

Congratulations Deb and Ana. The real Corgis RULE !!!!!!!!!!

Riverside corgis can be seen at http://www.riversidepwc.com/

Didi and Mausi fantastic live can be followed at http://ana-blogoexisto.blogspot.com/

segunda-feira, março 02, 2009


On this month's issue of the "Cães e Companhia" magazine you can read the interview to Casa Mont'Alves regarding the laekenois breed.

Here is the first page of the article. To read more you need to buy the magazine :):)
Off course i am over the moon !!!!!!!!!

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