sexta-feira, agosto 31, 2007

My Wonderful Handlers

The thing that made happier at the French Special was to see my children handling our own dogs. Isabela with 10 presented Denyah and Bunny at the breed judgement and Henrique with 5 presented Denyah at the Group and at the selection. I was a very very proud father at the French special.

The Mont'Alves Dogs

SOme pic from Denyah , Bunny and Backo. I handle Backo and my daughter Isabela handled d'Enyah and Bunny, i was o proud.

The French Special

Finally the day of the judgments arrived and we had a surprise, the judge was change the laekens were judge by Pauline Stern-Hanf from Holland.

It was also a surprise that there were no ring for the laekens so one had to be made between the trees, with no conditions for a propor judgement and without the apropriate shape.

sexta-feira, agosto 24, 2007

Isa was mated in Holand

after a long waiting for Isa to come in season she decided to come in season at the tme of our journey to the french special. Marcella, Frisbee owner was kind enought to get her in Amsterdam so i decided to send her by plane.

I got the news that she was already mated by frisbee, so if all goes well soon we will have sheltie puppies. Thank you Marcella.

We arrived at the French Special

Finally we arrived at the French Specialty. Denyah passed her CSAU and TAN with EXC so the first part is done. Tomorrow we will go for the show. Lets seee how it goes.
After the test we went to have dinner and in France dogs are allowed inside the restaurant do i ha dto take one with me just for fun. Off course that Denyah was the lucky one.


After leaving Barcelona we went towards France and the French Special.

Passing Andorra we were very close to heaven. It is very difficult to take pic from Backo because he only wants to mate is mother, that is ready to be mated :s:S:S:S

Barcelona and the surrondings

The last day in Barcelona was spent to visit some musseums and to visit a friend that lives in the mountain very close to Barcelona. 10 mins away from the center and you can walk for hours in the woods and even see wild pigs and foxes.

quarta-feira, agosto 22, 2007


Yesterday we visit ParcAventura, it is an amusement park like Eurodisney but with diferent rides. Unfortunately the dogs could not go in but they had a fantastic kennel to leave the dogs. It was funny when i got there to get them to see the lady hiding in a different room when i went to take my dogs out of the kennel. She said that they wanted to eat her. Ah Ah Ah !!!! Off course that after i took them out she could pet them and show that the lions inside the kennel were in fact nice dogs.

henrique did a tatoo with a Belgian Shepherd of fire. He says that it is for the dog show. Nice Henrique!!!!

segunda-feira, agosto 20, 2007

Las Ramblas

In Barcelona

Here are so pic taken in Barcelona City and surroundings.

We visited a lot of places, like parks and castels and the dogs were allowed to go in. We also visit the famous Ramblas were the dogs got the chance to see many rabits and other animals as there were about 6 animals stores just on the street.

On the way to the French Special

Hi there we are on the way to the French Special and Stoped in Spain for a 6 days vacations to visit Barcelona.

Walking 3 laekens in Barcelona is very interesting and it calls a lot of attention towards us. So if you hear of 4 portuguese with 3 funny looking dogs that will be us.

I attach some pic from the dogs. They are having a lot of fun walking arround all day with us.

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