sexta-feira, fevereiro 27, 2009


Humm NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

segunda-feira, fevereiro 23, 2009

Yesterday was so fun !!!!!!

Dogs do not speak, but sure express themselfs clearly. When we go to Sintra i can tell that my dogs love it and so do i.

This is the first image we see when arriving at barragem da Mula

Off course that the first thing to do is .....

After the bath, time for a walk....

Along the way we saw some bee hives ,
Natural one's
And human made one's

At the end of the walk there were some nice ducks to chase ihihihihih......
Denyah thought they swim to fast ...... and i was afraid she may drown so i call her back

domingo, fevereiro 22, 2009

At Andreia's

Yesterday we went to a barbecue party at Andreia's boyfriend riding school, Quita do Trevo. It was a lot of fun and everyone took their dogs.

Isa, Quila, Pintas & Denyah

Then one more decided to join the picture. Tininha the spitz

I took the opportunity to take some pictures to Andreia's dogs, Petra

& Monica

A very happy and friendly french bulldog puppy :)

The new foals

Paula went for a ride and the dogs off course had to follow

Flying Quila

Hynphra, the most gentle horse on earth

and after lunch some exciting traditional games but for adults !!!! The children love watching it :)

The sun is shining :)

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