segunda-feira, fevereiro 23, 2009

Yesterday was so fun !!!!!!

Dogs do not speak, but sure express themselfs clearly. When we go to Sintra i can tell that my dogs love it and so do i.

This is the first image we see when arriving at barragem da Mula

Off course that the first thing to do is .....

After the bath, time for a walk....

Along the way we saw some bee hives ,
Natural one's
And human made one's

At the end of the walk there were some nice ducks to chase ihihihihih......
Denyah thought they swim to fast ...... and i was afraid she may drown so i call her back


Josh and Jess 8:21 da tarde  

What a great walk and such beautiful scenery. No wonder the dogs look happy!!!

Cool Design Shelties 9:45 da manhã  

What a great walk and so nice pictures :o)


ana 6:02 da tarde  

Esta gente diz com cada coisa..enfim..ora bem, o passeio foi bonito sim senhora, e os shelties estão com um ar todo contente. Mas agora aquela coisa cheia de dentes de pelo áspero que está atrás dos patos era excusada entrar nas fotos..ainda estraga a maquina.

Tombazana 2:58 da tarde  

Lindo lindos tudo é lindo!

Muitos beijinhos

Marcella 4:51 da tarde  

Hi There!
Looks like it runs in the family to get dirty ;-)
Quila looks like she has inherited something from her dad Howard and auntie Tinsel ;-))
Great place to walk, I wish we had something like that here than they could find me there every day.

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