quarta-feira, dezembro 31, 2008

2008 in review

2008 was a great year for Casa Mont'Alves. When we look back it seems that it was yesterday that 2008 started and here we are in December. A Blog is a very nice way to review a little of our history, as Kim says a journal. It helps not to forget anyone or anything important.

I would like to start with our doggy achievements

Denyah d'Eroudur:
World Winner 2008
Norwegian Champion
BOB Laekenois at the Belgium Specialty
BIS at the Portuguese Belgium Shepherd Specialty
Lisbon Winner 2008
Mediterranean Winner 2008
Porto Winner 2008
Qualified for Crufts 2009
Best of Breed 2008 BOB08
Best dog in Herding Group 2008 BOG 08
5 times in the podium of the 1st group in 10 shows entered out of the 26 in the show calendar
Aucuri Agility Speed da Casa Mont'Alves
2nd in Group at Almeirim Dog Show
CAC-QC at the Belgium Shepherd Portuguese Specialty
Bugatti D'eroudur
CCC at the Belgium Shepherd Portuguese Specialty
Best male at the Belgium Shepherd Portuguese Specialty
Quila Just for me O'The little Lodge
BIS at the Collie Clube Specialty
Mediterranean Junior Winner
Lisbon Junior Winner
Gibraltar Junior Champion
Qualified for Crufts 2009
Green Paradise Shadow of Dreams
Lisbon Winner
Qualified for Crufts 2009
RCAC - RCACIB at the Collie Clube Specialty

Isa is pregnant and hopefuly we will have puppies in January

All of this would have not been achieveble without the wonderful help of my super, fantastic, love of my live, my princess, my darling daughter Isabela. She is always ready to help me at the shows and support my nervous temperament when the dogs go into the ring. THANK YOU PRINCESA !!!!!!
Apart from Isabela a special thank you to my wife and son Henrique. Henrique started the mini handling competition this year and out of 4 shows he got 2 first places and 1 second place which is great and made me very proud.
To all my friends in the dog show world, my family and those that in a way or another are involved in my live thank you and have a fantastic 2009 !!!!


terça-feira, dezembro 23, 2008

Yes Yes Yes Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isa and Miró are expecting 3 little shelties IIIUUUUUPPPPIIIIIII !!!!!!

terça-feira, dezembro 16, 2008


domingo, dezembro 14, 2008

Denyah Best Dog in Herding Group 2008

Today was the last show of 2008. It is now official that Denayh is the Best Dog of the Herding group 2008. In January at the Oporto international dog show she will compete with the other 9 dogs for the BIS 2008.

Since this weekend was a very very nice one for us with Quila being BIS at the Collie Special and Denyah the best dog in 1st group, when Isabela and i arrived home my wife had made a lovely cake for us to celebrate !!!! Thank you Bunny.

sábado, dezembro 13, 2008

Quila BIS at the Collie Club Specialty

The sheltie in Portugal does not have it's own club. The breed is included in two clubs, the collie club and the british shepherds club. Each club has the right to organize the national specialty every other year.

This year it was the Collie Club's turn and the breeds present were the border collie, the bearded collie, the rough collie and the shelite.
Green Paradise You're my Boyfriend was placed first in junior class, Green Paradise of Shadow of Dreams second in open class and got Res CAC-QC and Quila Just for me O'the Little Lodge won best female and then went on to win BOB sheltie. I was so happy but she manage to surprise everyone by winning the BIS with only 11 months. I am over the moon with this fantastic result.
I would like to thank my dear and big friend Bianca from the Skeldale Kennel that helped me to bring Quila to Portugal and off course to her breeder Mayke, both from Holland.
Soon more pic available.

quinta-feira, dezembro 11, 2008

It is super !!!!

Yesterday it was the inauguration day of my present. I gave Quila, Isa and Denyah a bath and dryed them with my new super power hairdryer. Since on Saturday the Collie Club Specialty will take place, where the shelties are included, two friends of mine showed up with their shelties for a little grooming.

segunda-feira, dezembro 08, 2008

My Surprise Gift

This year, my plan was just to spend my aniversary in Switzerland and that would be all as for parties & celebrations. However how is it possible to turn 33 and not gather our most dear friends?? Since i did not find an answer for that, while in Switzerland i decided to organize a small party at my house for some friends to celebrate my aniversary, in spite of being one week after.

My lovely wife had already planned a suprise gift for me. So at the party i was offered a super professional blow dryer.

Those with show dogs with undercoat know how happy i am feelling, well the others imagine i was offered a Porche or a Ferrari.
I want to thank to my special friends:
Bunny, Isabela & Henrique (My darling wife and children) and my parent & brother in laws
Christel, Ana e Arménio Pires Barata, Guida Bessa, Sofia, Sofia K & Zé António, Luisinha Rufino, Lili Caneças & Rui Lourinhã, Victor, Gabi & Susana Veiga, Ilson & Francisco, Raquel, Miguel, Felipe & Elsa Colaço, Catarina Quintino, Nela, Sofia & Tanisha Quintino, Rui Branco, Dália & João Almeida Cardoso. Filó & Mario Antão.

sábado, dezembro 06, 2008

My new XMas ornament

....and the laeken one will arrive next week !!!!!!!!

I found it at a X Mas fair in Basel - Switzerland

sexta-feira, dezembro 05, 2008


It is raining in Switzerland so Ana and I decided to see how versatil the Pembroke is IhIhIhIh
Didi in different kennels :)
Didi Laekenois Mont'Alves

Didi Shetland Laureate

Didi Cocker Razart

Didi Labrador Golden Cottage

Didi Contaminado
Finally The True Didi

segunda-feira, dezembro 01, 2008

My Birthday

Today is my birthday, look what my wife put on top of my birthdaycake !!!!

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