segunda-feira, dezembro 08, 2008

My Surprise Gift

This year, my plan was just to spend my aniversary in Switzerland and that would be all as for parties & celebrations. However how is it possible to turn 33 and not gather our most dear friends?? Since i did not find an answer for that, while in Switzerland i decided to organize a small party at my house for some friends to celebrate my aniversary, in spite of being one week after.

My lovely wife had already planned a suprise gift for me. So at the party i was offered a super professional blow dryer.

Those with show dogs with undercoat know how happy i am feelling, well the others imagine i was offered a Porche or a Ferrari.
I want to thank to my special friends:
Bunny, Isabela & Henrique (My darling wife and children) and my parent & brother in laws
Christel, Ana e Arménio Pires Barata, Guida Bessa, Sofia, Sofia K & Zé António, Luisinha Rufino, Lili Caneças & Rui Lourinhã, Victor, Gabi & Susana Veiga, Ilson & Francisco, Raquel, Miguel, Felipe & Elsa Colaço, Catarina Quintino, Nela, Sofia & Tanisha Quintino, Rui Branco, Dália & João Almeida Cardoso. Filó & Mario Antão.


Sofia 8:04 da tarde  

Ó Rui,33 anos tão novinho!!!:)

Espero que dês muitooooo uso a esta prenda.



Paula do Sameiro Alves 10:28 da tarde  

Glad you liked your "surprise"!

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