segunda-feira, outubro 27, 2008

World Cat Show 2008 - Lisbon

On the 25th &26th took place in Lisbon the World Cat Show at the lovely Pavilhão Atlântico in the Expo area.

It was the first World Cat Show that i went to and i must say i was super impressed. I was invited by the portuguese cat club to help in this event and i do not regret at all for being there.
I must say that some people arround the car world are a little crazy, but i believe that they are truly happy and have a deep love for their cats.
The judges
The prizes, very nice traditional portuguese pottery.
I love the ambiance that the cat show have.
First the cats are organized by country and not by breed which is wonderful to promote and keep a healthy spirit between the breeders from the same country.

In the finals whenever a cat is being judge the people from the cats country are always near toegive a big support to the cat. It is amazing the patriotic spirit that surrounds every final.
Another thing that i loved and that i have been discussing for a long time is the fact that for the finals the judges get to vote for the cat that they like the most and the cat that wins is the cat that has more votes. This method is much better then the one used in the Dog Shows where the decition is dependent from only one judge.
I took the oportunity to take some pictures from some winners during my short breaks from the press stand were i was working.
But off course i had to take this opportunity to check my favourity cat breed. The Maine Coon. I talked with several breeders and watched the some judgements closely and i must say i found the type i was looking for, big beautyful cats with a great temperament.

A maine Coon in it's personal trolly. SO CUTE !!!

and as in the dog shows also at cat shows we have to leave the money at home or one can go poor....

domingo, outubro 12, 2008

Denyah 2nd in Group and Henrique 2nd best Mini handler

At he Arcos de Valdevez national showDenyah handled by my daughter Isabela wa splaced 2nd in group and at the same show Henrique was 2nd at the mini handler competition with Quila. It was a great day for both of them and off course to me a very very proud father !!!!!!!!

The photos were taken by Azuljasmim and can be found at

quinta-feira, outubro 09, 2008

AGAIN .....................

Well my friends at work are really enjoying themselfs. Denyah was the victim this time. There was even space for a news simulation that i will translate.

" European Champion 2007 suffer serious accident"
Due to the bad condition of the ground were she was doing her Champion "bussiness", the champion sleeped and felt in a big holl and has now serious injuries; The front paw is broken in 7 different locations, 2 deep cuts, blidness from the left eye as well as a fracken attack that doctors can not explain. She has also a earing with a cross in the right ear.

sexta-feira, outubro 03, 2008

At work when i find a computer from a colegue that is not blocked i usually change the desktop image with the pic of one of my dogs, well a colegue of mine saw me on a meeting and notice that i forgot to block my pc so when i return this was my desktop image.

No escritório gosto de pregar partidas aos colegas que se esqueçem de bloquear o pc e geralmente altero a foto do desktop para fotos dos meus cães. Bem fui apanhado na curva e eis o resultado !!!!!

A culpa é do Pedro Martins do costumer service que consporcou a minha futura multicampeã

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