quinta-feira, outubro 09, 2008

AGAIN .....................

Well my friends at work are really enjoying themselfs. Denyah was the victim this time. There was even space for a news simulation that i will translate.

" European Champion 2007 suffer serious accident"
Due to the bad condition of the ground were she was doing her Champion "bussiness", the champion sleeped and felt in a big holl and has now serious injuries; The front paw is broken in 7 different locations, 2 deep cuts, blidness from the left eye as well as a fracken attack that doctors can not explain. She has also a earing with a cross in the right ear.


Eduarda de Sousa Pires 9:19 da tarde  

tú és maluco!!!!
esta é o máximo!!!!
E pretos e brancos e....

Raki 9:19 da manhã  

Mas tá girissimo....
bjs ate ja

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