sábado, abril 28, 2012

Our Shelties (5Weeks) and Teckel (7Weeks) puppies

segunda-feira, abril 23, 2012

New picture's from the sheltie puppies - We still have puppies available

quarta-feira, abril 18, 2012

Our babies

The Teckels @ 5 weeks

 The Shelties @ 3 weeks

terça-feira, abril 10, 2012

Little Teckels

domingo, abril 08, 2012

Sheltie puppies @ 2 weeks

Here are some pic of the little one's @ 2 weeks !!!

segunda-feira, abril 02, 2012

Our current sheltie and Teckel litter

Well the little one's are doing super well.

Shangri-la babies are doing very well and are fats as pigs LOL !!! We have 3 healthy babies that will turn 3 weeks tomorrow. 2 females the lighter one's and a male the darker one.
We are very happy with how Shangri-la is taking care of her babies. Hopefully they will turn our as special as our girl and her husband Xino :) Future will tell.

My sister's shelties are also doing super well, Fidgi is a great mom, better then what i expect since she is so spoiled by my sister. Well now the little one's are also being super spoiled and have permanent attention from her, her boyfriend and my fatehr that visit them everyday !!! Spoiled little one's these are gong to be ... poor future owners LOL !!!!

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