sábado, novembro 29, 2008

Green Paradise You're Boy Friend

Today we went to visit Benji, he is a very happy dog and is loved by his onwers. Not much time for pic because it was raining.

America da Casa Mont'Alves

Merry XMas from our dear America directly from ther USA.

Thank you Lauren for the so beautiful foto and surprise. You are a darling !!!!!!!

sexta-feira, novembro 28, 2008

Sua Divindade !!!!

Bem, este post vai em português. Uma grande homenagem a sua divindade por, para além de ter o dom de tocar piano como ninguém no mundo, conseguiu exceder-se e ter uma filha fantástica. A minha grande amiga Ana. Beijinhos para as duas.

PS: Sempre que me referi a sua divindade obviamente fiz a respectiva vénia.

Vichy Shower

The Vichy Shower, which originated in France, consists of a wet treatment table and five head shower system. Imagine lying down and having warm water massage you like rain falling from the sky!

The treatment begins with a full-body exfoliation to slough away dead skin. Your body is then drenched with the warm ingredients in the wrap of your choice. Head, neck and foot massage are administered while you relax in your cocoon. Product is washed away with sea sponges under gently falling waters. This session is completed with an application of body lotion or dry oil.

Sounds nice doesn't it? Well my lovely wife offered me a 1 hour Vichy Shower this afternoon. Guess where i am going to be at 16.00 ?!?!?!?!?!

Thank you Bunny !!!!!

terça-feira, novembro 25, 2008

We only need to believe !!!!

No women should suffer

A lot of women suffer everyday, it is a so very sad reality, to the women in my live i dedicate this video, as far as i am concerned you will never suffer.

My mother the one and only, the best that a son can have
The treasure of my live, my oxygene my reason to be ISABELA, my daughter
My wonderful, fantastic and so very special sister
My dear grandmother the dearst person in the world
And finally last but not least my fantastic wife, who some say that suffers to have to live with me AHAHAHAHAHAH !!!

segunda-feira, novembro 24, 2008

And finally it happened

Well after much stress, doubts and desperation, Miró finally mated Isa. IUUPPPIIII. Let's hope for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Thank you Sofia for the help.

sábado, novembro 22, 2008

The 3 Shelties - Isa, Quila & Miró

Quila Just for me O'The Little Lodge - Quila (Kiki)

Kaiba de Casa Ferma - Isa

Green Paradise Shadow of Dreams - Miró


Porque é para ser vivida, porque deve ser feliz, porque é fantástica, porque deve ser intensa, porque não ??
Because is to be lived, because it should be happy, because it is fantástic, because it should be intense, why not ??

terça-feira, novembro 18, 2008

My Cats

Margarida da Casa Mont'Alves - My princess, my darling, my everything !!!!

Juliana da Casa Mont'Alves - The independent yet always attentive friend !!!!

domingo, novembro 16, 2008

A wonderful sunday morning

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