quinta-feira, fevereiro 12, 2009

Maria, yes a POODLE

The most fantastic dog. We miss you so much !!!!!!
800 grs of pure energy and dedication !!


Andreia 8:59 da manhã  

I remember Maria so well, she was indeed tiny and fantastic. We loose so many friends along the years don’t we? We should always keep these good memories.

Laureate 5:49 da tarde  

So sweet and so tiny! Looks like she was smart too. Did you have her a long time?

Mont'Alves 12:43 da tarde  

Maria was a present to Isabela when Henrique was born. She was a great dog. Always happy and friendly and a super agility dog. Unfortunately she died at the age of 3.

Sofia 11:01 da tarde  

Que gira a Maria, já há imenso tempo...saudades!
Tens que dedicar um post á Degas também, já tenho saudades de a ver...beijos

ana 10:03 da manhã  

tá empenado este blogue, tambem?

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