domingo, março 08, 2009

A little brag

This weekend it took place the 18th National and the 16th international Vila Franca de Xira shows.

Quila was entered for the first time in intermidiate class and at the two shows she got BOB. GREAT. She won the first two CAC's towards her portuguese champion tittle.

But that was not all. On saturday she was short listed amoung the last 6 in the group and on sunday she got 4th in group. I am so very happy :)

But that was not all. I handle two pugs for my dear friends Ivone and Paim owners of the Ivory Valmosqueiro kennel. It was a pleasure to have the fantastic and always happy Nikita and the little clown Quincy at home for the weekend. Nikita was best female both days and my little Quincy got RBIS puppy on saturday and BIS puppy on sunday.

It was a great weekend.


Laureate 11:17 da tarde  

Congratulations Rui!!! Sounds like a great weekend all around.

Cheers, Kim

Raki 11:53 da manhã  

Olhe Lakenois havia 10 uma coia imensa....
Shelties havia muito mais e lindos, tenho imensas fotos só para si e um cartaz....
Não me esqueci de SI..

Cool Design Shelties 2:12 da tarde  

Congratulations, sounds like a great weekend :o)


Marcella 8:01 da tarde  

Congratulations for Quila's success, hope she does continue to make you proud and there's lot more of this to come.
Sounds like you did a great job handling the Pugs as well.
Wonderful weekend for you!

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