terça-feira, março 17, 2009

Getting PRO ...

Laeken coat is so very easy to maintain, in fact you only need a comb rack and that is about everything to have an always looking good, always ready for the show ring laeken .The same can not be said about shelties. It seems that they need a lot more preparation and gear to be perfect in the show ring and on our home. So after my fantastic birthday gift ( the super hairdryier) i felt that something was missing. After last weekend show, the great result from Quila and seeing Pedro and Claudia (Samspring - Samoyeds) gromming case i thought hummmm i think i need this. So my dear friend Catarina ( that has connections...) got me the new addition to my show gear :) VOILA !!!

I am so happy !!!!!!!!!! So now my old, but always sucessful gromming bag is going to rest for a while :)


Laureate 11:36 da tarde  

Pretty slick!

Cool Design Shelties 7:49 da tarde  

I have had my eyes on such a gromming bag for some time...it's so practical and convenient to all the gromingequipment :o)

As Kim saids its slick!


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