sábado, maio 30, 2009

Denyah d'Eroudur

This is my first atempt to do something on my own with Photoshop.
The credits go to Rui Branco my dear friend who was patient enough to explain how it works and to Kim for inspiring me with the lovely art that she does with her poodles and shelties.



Laureate 3:31 da tarde  

Hi Rui,

Really nicely done! there is no stopping you now...;-)

Thanks for the mention. I just finished doing some ads for Shelties Online. They should be up this afternoon.

Cheers, Kim

Cool Design Shelties 9:44 da tarde  

Very, very nice for the first attempt. Keep up the good work :o) Google 'photoshop tutorials' and you will find a lot of help to continue the good work :o)


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