terça-feira, abril 07, 2009

Quila & Salvador

While we were at the Fundão show Paulinho took some nice pic from Salvador a maxi sheltie and Quila the mini collie. Ahahahahah

Salvador is owned by my dear friend Ilson from Razart kennel. A great friend and an expert in Collies.

I take this oportunity to thank Paulinho for the pic, that i am sure i will receive and to Miguel my dear dear friend always ready to help, teach and speak the truth no matter what. This man has golden hands and can turn any dog into a show start. Thank you for all the help. Well now i must say Ilson has more to thank for than i do AHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!!!!!!
What a team we are :)
Here are some more pic from Salvador. Quila's will follow when i receive them :)


Sofia 1:04 da tarde  

Tão lindo este Collie!Ainda por cima na minha cor preferida...

Raki 1:34 da tarde  

Este cão é lindo de morrer Muitos parabens Ilson....

Marcella 8:48 da tarde  

Hi there,
Lovely pictures!
When you get them I would be very much interested in having the ones of Quila :-)
Love to u all.

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