terça-feira, abril 21, 2009

I do not have a Laureate but i have Miguel !!!!!!!

This post is dedicate to my dearst friend Miguel.
He is absolutly fantastic. A big friend and a spetacular grommer :)

It is like i say, i do not have a Laureate but i have Miguel :)

What i like the most about Miguel is that he is funny, honest and always ready to help his friends. Apart from this he has a gift. Whatever he decides to breed is most certainly becomming a sucess and the top of the top.


And off course Ilson , THE EXPERT, went to check if he was doing it right. Thank you for all my dear friends.

And off course training Quila

So that i have a chance at the ring AHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!!


Ana Pires 8:43 da manhã  

Mas quem é esse Miguel? Tu tem cuidado Rui que essa gente das exposições não é de confiança..e um gajo de cabelo rapado com uma embalagem de Frontline disfarçada é sempre suspeito.


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