quinta-feira, abril 09, 2009


Nice and warm, hummmm !!!!!

I just love to cook Cookies and then eat them with milk :)


Laureate 12:10 da manhã  

Now that is just not nice...putting a plate full of delicious looking cookies out there for us to see (and not taste)! sigh

Mont'Alves 11:16 da manhã  

Well you know what you have to do :)
A trip to Portugal ahahahah !!!!
i don't think they would be very tasty by the time they get there if i send them by mail :)

Cool Design Shelties 12:13 da tarde  

That was mean ;o)

Happy Easter and I hope the cookies tasted good :o)


Raki 12:01 da tarde  

São o melhor que há este cokies, quando vieram cá para casa desapareceram em segundos...Marvilhosos Parabéns

Paula do Sameiro Alves 8:18 da manhã  

They were wonderful! Bunny is a great cook!

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