sexta-feira, janeiro 23, 2009

I think it is today

I have been receiving emails from all over the world asking if Isa already had her babies. Well not yet.
Isa is today on the 63th day of pregnancy if we count the first day of the matting. According to the vet that followed her pregnancy,specialized in reproduction, Luisa Mateus, from the veterinary university, to whom i can not thank enought all the dedication to Isa, the 63 days should be counted from the day of the ovolutation. According to the test made took place 2 days before the matting so she should have delivered the pups two days ago.
I have been keeping a record of Isa's temperature and this morning it was normal at 37,8 and this afternoon was at 36,4. An indication that the babies are on their way, at least so i hope.
Isa is instaled at Henrique´s room that since sunday has been enjoying her company during the evening. Henrique is very interested On Isa's pregnancy and is very anxious to see the pups so he asked for them to be born in his room. Since the moment that i set up the maternity that all is ready for the babies.

Isa has the company from Regalia Prince Charming, Henrique's Guiny Pig that is very curious to see what is going on "next door". As usually we have the green "paper" that is use on the delivery rooms in the maternity hospital, that i put on Isa's bed and arround so that everything is very clean. I have to thank to a nurse friend of mine that can get them for us

Since i arrive home that i am with Isa catching up on the emails both from work and private, cleaning the files on the pc and doing those things on the pc that you never have time to do. A little break was done to have dinner with my family, parents and sister included to quickly celebrate my daughter 12 birthday and here i am again. Isabela turned 12 today and is wishing that the babies are born today so that they have the some birthday date. On sunday she will have her big big party with all the friends but off course not in the house.
Well it is 22.00 i am next to Isa since 16.00 and so far no babies. Let's hope for some news soon.


ana 5:18 da tarde  

O que eu já me ri com o quarto do Henrique transformado e hospital particular..só tu Rui!

Muitos beijos e felicidades á Isinha.

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