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A very sad news !!

Dear friends, it is extremely difficult for me to write this post. The reason for not sharing any news for such a long time is the fact that there is no good news. Unfortunately the puppies died during this week. I have been trying to write this post several time’s, but it is difficult. The time has come to tell all of you what happened and break the sad news that there are no puppies. The first puppy to reveal that something was wrong was the tri female. She started with the "fish" symptom (opening the mouth and closing slowly) my only option was to take her to the hospital; because she was eating (I was sure because I weighed the puppies before and after they ate) and I wanted desperately to safe her. After she arrived she was put on oxygen and the "fish" symptom was not so evident. The vet immediately told me that it should be something with the lungs. She stayed there, although I had little hope, and she died during the evening. I asked, no matter what the cost, to find out the reason for her death. The next morning I already knew the result, but I wanted to make sure so I had Isa tested, and on that some day the other 2 puppies died and I also took them to the university to determine the cause of dead. Today I got the results from all the analyses done to the mother and litter. The puppies died from bacteria called "Escherichia Coli – Emolitica”. All three of them. I specifically asked if they had milk in their bellies and I was told that yes they had plenty of milk in their bellies and there were no signs in the “bilis” (I do not know the name in English) that would lead to believe that they starved. This bacteria was and still is present in Isa’s intestines, she is the source of the contamination. According to what was explained to me this bacteria lives in Isa and does not affect her, let’s say she got used to living with it. When Isa goes to do her things or licks her self she contaminates those that are in contact with her and the surrounding environment. The bacteria lives most of the time "in peace" with Isa but when there is a peak of stress the bacteria starts to grow more and more and spreads to those in contact. The puppies that have little defences are infected easily. The general infection destroys the blood and veins, the bacteria then destroy the intestines and lungs causing the puppies to have the "fish" symptom; opening the mouth and closing very slowly until they die with lack of Oxygen. It was a very sad situation and very very difficult for my whole family to endure. I hope that all of you forgive me for the delay on this news and understand. I have decided to spay Isa, because I do not want to endure such an experience again with my family since it is the second time that this happens. We just have to face the fact that Isa has a problem that enables her from be a successful mother. On Monday Denyah and Quila are going to be examined and tested to see if they have the same bacteria.


Josh and Jess 7:23 da tarde  

Hello dear friends! We just wanted to let you know that we're incredibly sad for your loss and we feel for you. What devastating news... We don't know what to say :( Our thougts and prayers are with you.

Josh and Jessie from New Zealand

José Gomes 8:29 da tarde  

I'm very sorry about your lost. E. coli is the mare studied bacteria in the world and one of the more common. They are present everywhere, specially in animals intestines. I assume that it is very common for puppies to get in contact with it every time their mother likes them. Was that the only possible cause for what happened? I hope that this episode doesn't remove you from introducing this breed in our country.

sofia 11:46 da tarde  

Rui, posso imaginar como foi dificil para vocês...desde que falei contigo ao telefone que não paro de pensar em tudo o que se passou...não tenho palavras...Força! Beijos a todos! Sofia

Cool Design Shelties 3:14 da manhã  

I'm so sorry about your lost and it made me incredibly sad - I feel for you. It's always tragic to lose a litter no matter whats wrong. But it's one of those sad things which happent sometimes! My thougts are with you. I cross my fingers for the best possible result for Denyah and Quila.


Irish Hill Shelties 3:48 da manhã  

I am so sorry to hear of your loss We too experience the lost of a healthy puppy a year ago and it broke our heart. Our thoughts are with you.

Aspengrove Shelties Fantasias Collies 5:18 da tarde  

We had a female collie that lost two litters to the same thing I had the puppies all tested after they passed on. Same result I end up having to spay her also because It hurt to bad to lose a whole litter of healthy puppies. I am so sorry ,but when I had the other dogs tested they all tested fine. My thoughts are with you.

Ana Paula Ribeiro 9:14 da manhã  

Sinto muito Rui. Imagino como toda a família se deve sentir nesta altura. No entanto não desanimem e como diz o José Gomes, não deixem de levar para a frente este sonho de trabalhar a raça em Portugal.
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