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Dutch Clubmatch 2009

The first reason for me to come to Holland this time was to participate with Qhila at the Dutch specialty and surprise her breeder. If happened that Qhila and Denyah got in season so i just took the opportunity and mated them.
The Dutch specialty was very nice, in a nice place and very well organized. The judgements were divided in 3 rings

Photobucket Photobucket



The Club had a stand with some merchandising products with shelties
Unfortunatly i do not have a picture with me showing a dog, because my dear friend Jaco though that it was not important so he just took from the dogs. Hopefully i will get one from someone else. Taking the advices of the Dark Side 1 (Kim Ashton) and the special request made by the Dark Side 2 (Marcella ) i must say i was the most TRE CHIQ handler at the special to the point of getting some very nice comments on my ring presence :)
This one is for you KIM & MARCELLA


So not only i was well dressed, but i showed a 100 % dark side dog for Marcella's friend. She is a beautifull bitch and Barbara , the judge that told us in the lecture not to use American dogs, gave her 3rd in her class AhAhAhAhAh !!! It was a very competitve Junior class .
Her name is: SHELLOVE TAKE ME TO THE ROCKS (Goodtimes Blazin' Hot Moments x Leigh-Hi's On The Rocks)


Then it was time to show Qhila that was judge by Miss L.J. Pettitt. There were 2 females at champion class and they could not be more diferent in type, as you can see on the pic. Qhila got second but she had a nice report apart from the size issue ( The Evil Side was to obvious ahahahahah)
Qhila's report:
Blue merle 2 years. Good colour with well broken markings. Sufficient angulations with good reach of neck and length of body. Prefer more refinement in head. Moved very well with good drive. Would prefer a little smaller in size. 2 EXCELLENT
and the one that got first: KAMP. TWINKLE 'T WIJNMEER
The competition :


It was very nice to see Qhila's breeder again, Mayke. Always so nice and friendly. Photobucket
And it is ALWAYS ALWAYS a pleasure to see one of the most sweet persons in the sheltie world , MARION !!!!! She is Miró's breeder.
The BIS, the female - NICK-NACK FROM MARMOREA'S SHELTERPhotobucket
After the show and the speach about shelties we got together for dinner and some drinks. Here is Marcella with her evil look from the dark side, a friend from Bianca, Bianca, Jacco and me :) Photobucket
In Holland dogs can go inside most of the places, so i had to take mine and here i am with Marcella thinking of an evil plane to take the dark side to power !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It was a very nice day, with many friends and a fantastic atmosphere overall :)


Constança 8:16 da tarde  

Tantas coisas com shelties!!!!!!!! uma de cada para mim...lolol...
Impressão minha ou vi uma foto da Marion?...beijinho para ela...
e para ti

Constança 8:17 da tarde  

PS: Só para dizer que ADOREI a expressão do shetland castanho.
Quem é?
Ass: Sara

catarina 8:58 da tarde  

Ha grandes vidas...:))

Mont'Alves 8:27 da manhã  

Esse Sheltie castanho pertence ao Dark Side é americana AHAHAHAH mas ficou em 3 na classe ahahahahah
O nome dela é: SHELLOVE TAKE ME TO THE ROCKS (Goodtimes Blazin' Hot Moments x Leigh-Hi's On The Rocks)

Constança 9:35 da manhã  

Gostei muito daquela expressão....
Tem uma «carinha» LINDAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Mas deixa, pelos vistos sou uma aspirante ao darkside e não sabia!!!
Sabes que as classificações para mim valem o que valem...Amei a cadelinha e ponto! E a tua «Quicas» tambem tá um bombom!!!

Laureate 3:39 da manhã  

You look very fine indeed! Very interesting dogs; it will be good to catch up by phone. Hope the breedings of both your girls has gone well.

Cheers, Kim

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