quarta-feira, novembro 08, 2006

Os bébes estão a aumentar de peso lindamente. Todos os dias aumentam de peso. As meninas estão com o mesmo peso. A Denyah está a ser uma mãe fantástica.

The babies are increasing their weight everyday. The girls are now with the same weight. Denyah is being a fantastic mother.


Suzanne de Lange 8:54 da manhã  

Nice to see the weights of the pups, and the increase of that!
Male 2 was really really tiny and light when he was born! Is he catching up the speed already? It surprises me a little that a Laekenois puppy of this light weight is strong enough to survive, but it must be Denyah's good care and milk that gets him through!

Give the good mother a big hug from me,

Best regards,

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