segunda-feira, novembro 13, 2006

Boys play with cars

O Henrique achou que já era altura de os cãezinhos começarem a brincar com os seus carros e com os brinquedos dele. Foi para dentro da maternidade escolheu os meninos e apresentou o carro a todos eles. Segundo ele a Isabela depois vai brincar com as meninas e com as bonecas.

Henrique thougth it was high time for the puppies to play with cars and toys. He went inside the delivery box separeted the males from the females and introduce the car to all male pups. Acording to him Isabela will go and play with the girls and the dolls.


Cat, Mercurey (F) 4:44 da tarde  

Denyah looks very fine, she seems to be at ease with Henrique, she seems comfortable. Congratulation from Drena d'Eroudur.

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