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61st Vigo National Dog show & 25th Vigo International Dog show

Freyja’s debut abroad could have not started the worse way possible. She was declassified. Yes you are ridding it right. Although she is completely naked she was entered into the show so we decided to take her anyway since we were going with James and my daughter Chihuahua Killer. When the judge examined her he told me that the bite was wrong and that she was not closing her mouth thus the incisive teeth were not closing properly being quite far. I told him that is was not possible and that maybe she was did not want to close her mouth. I checke it and to my horror it was true …… It seemed my world has ended that same instant ….. The judged said that it was a very serious fault even for a puppy so he declassified her. Well with not much to do I showed Dancing With Wolves da Casa Mont’Alves “James” he took BOB and then off we go to our place. I was almost crying with the sad event and with the prospect of Freyja not been able to be shown of bred with . When we got to our stuff already with some friend sowing their support my friend Susana who is a dentist asked me to check her mouth . Well the idiot Freyja had a piece of a toy that she destroyed 2 days ago stucked on her jaw. That was why she could not close her mouth. One would expect that she game some signs that she had that there, but no. She eat, drink, play and did all the rest so apparently there was nothing wrong. I took her to the judge to take a look even though I knew that the judgement could not be changed. So a world of notice to the one’s that won crazy laekens like mine. Do check everything on your dog regularly.

The next day was like a present for the stress the previous one. Freyja at the international dog show was 3rd Best Puppy in Group in a super competitive class and James was Best In Group 2nd !!!! it was a super day and a very intensive weekend in Spain.


Chris 2:58 da manhã  

Oh my, we were so sad reading about your disappointment with Freyja - and then so relieved and happy for you that it was "just" a toy stuck in her mouth. What a little trooper she was, not letting you know that anything was even wrong :)

Congratulations on your wonderful wins! We love how the win photos are done, with the dogs together on the podium, like in other sporting events!

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