quarta-feira, setembro 21, 2011

F litter puppies are going to the new homes

The puppies started to go to the new homes.
We have 3 puppies at home, all the other 8 have left.

Here are the names for the F Litter:

All have a special meaning to the owner & or Me LOL !!!!!!!!

Have Fun

Filigrana Lusitanian Art da Casa Mont'Alves - Red Girl
Fatima Maria's Fancy Girl da Casa Mont'Alves - F1 Girl
Forever You and Me da Casa Mont'Alves - Yellow Girl
Flames of Passion da Casa Mont'Alves - Orange Girl
Free Lusitano Spirit da Casa Mont'Alves - Black Boy
F'King Guilty Pleasure da Casa Mont'Alves - Yellow Boy
Fado Alma Lusa da Casa Mont'Alves - Red Boy
Fast & Furious da Casa Mont'Alves - Blue Boy
Fitz Fabulous by Nature da Casa Mont'Alves - White Boy
First and Unique da Casa Mont'Alves - Green Boy
Flashfyre Fantasy da Casa Mont'Alves - M1 Boy


BlackFyre Media Works 8:47 da tarde  

I am the VERY happy co-owner of Flashfyre Fantasy da Casa Mont'Alves aka M1 Boy and now called Arson.

He is everything his co-owner Sheila Walker and I hoped for! Wonderful body and lovely temperament!

I have had Belgian Tervuren in the US since 1987, have bred and owned some of the top dogs in the country and am excited to be adding Arson to my family.

Thank you so much Rui for trusting Arson to our love and care and I look forward to help promoting the Laekenois in North America. I live 20 minutes from Canada so Arson will be shown in Canada as well as the US.

Karyn C Cowdrey
BlackFyre Belgians
Bellingham WA USA

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