quinta-feira, agosto 11, 2011

Natural Calcium

Probably many of our blog followers already know this, but i find it always interesting to share some of the things that each breeder does. Maybe it can be of some help to someone !!!!

In orderfor the puppies and Denyah to have a little bit of extra calcium i smash egg shells and mix it with the food. This is a natural source of Calcium that is eliminated in case the dogs do not need it. Much better then industrial supplements !!!!!

What do you think ?


Anónimo 3:55 da tarde  

Que não quero ser cão na tua casa?...lolololol...bah...cascas de ovo???!!!....da-lhes bifes!!!! ;)

Anónimo 3:56 da tarde  

A esquecer-se de assinar, quem serei eu??? hum hum????....A Sara.....

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