terça-feira, julho 19, 2011

Denyah and the babies resting !!!!!!!!!!



Chris 7:11 da tarde  

Congratulations on Denyah's beautiful new babies! 11...how wonderful!
Is this a large number of puppies for her breed?

Mont'Alves 11:46 da manhã  

Hi there, it is a big litter, normally they are about 6-8.
We will help Denyah and all will be fine :)

Clint 11:41 da tarde  

What a beautiful litter! We are so excited to get our puppy in 8 weeks. We can hardly wait! With their excellent blood lines along with Rui's effort and knowledge, these are truly going to be among the best puppies in the world!
And with Rui's superb website and blogspot, we get to watch the puppies grow. Casa Mont'Alves is simply the best!!

Chris 2:24 da manhã  
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
Chris 2:26 da manhã  

So Denyah really outdid herself ;)
It's going to fun watching them grow!

~ oops I spelled her name wrong the first time and fixed it

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