quinta-feira, outubro 14, 2010

Be Brave to Herd da Casa Mont'Alves

Today i got a super email that made my day, actually my all month :) I had lost contact with the owner of a puppy from Denyah's first litter and today i got an email from him:) This puppy was sold to a gentelmen in Spain in Zaragoza that breed sheep and wanted a dog to guard and herd them. He had no cell phone or email and everything was made the old way with phone calls and letters :) He is comming into the XXI century and i am so happy for that :) Here is the email !!!!! I am very proud and waiting for pic from my baby, Be Brave to Herd da Casa Mont'Alves, http://www.montalves.com/bebrave.htm
Here is is email translated from Spanish into English:
I am Manuel López from Zaragoza, the one who bought the dog Laekenois.
I am writing to inform you of the dog.
It is perfectly and since many years he is doing an extraordinary job with the flock of sheep, because he could lead them into narro...w roads to take them to pasture.
A few weeks ago I sent a photo by phone for you to see how beautiful it is.
Did you receive it ? I am not very skilled with the phone and even less with the computer.
You have to tell me what number I have to dial from Spain to send the photo by telephone.
I sold the sheep, but not the dog because it is very good in every way.
I have only 7 goats and he also has them very well controlled.
Best regards


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