terça-feira, novembro 17, 2009


Most of the people i know are aware of the bad luck i had with my shelties litters and that Denyah was not pregnant last year.

Well it seems that this time it will be diferent. Today i went to do an ultrasound to Qhila to know if she is pregnant and i took Denyah along just for the company as her's was schedule for friday. Well the vet decided to do an ultrasound to both of them since i was so excited to know if they were pregnant or not. THEY ARE BOTH PREGNANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is Qhila's ultrasound. We could see 4 little shelties, unfortunatly it is not possible to see the colour and the sex ihihihihih


This is Denyah's one. They look smaller because she has 5 days less of pregnancy than Qhila. The vet saw 6 laekenois.


I am over the moon. All this would not be possible without the support of my friends. In fact in life family and friends are the best we have. A special thanks to Bianca & Jacco from the Skeldale Kennel, Marcella from Danwville, Serge and Tine from d'Eroudur and all the others that in a way or another supported me and believe that all would be possible. Also a special thank you to my dear Bunny that saw the money going out the bank and manage to hold herself together and not kill me ahahahhahahahah
Quila was mated to Trevor here are some pictures from him.
Denyah was mated to Enzo


Carin 2:13 da tarde  

I'm so happy for you.


Laureate 2:17 da tarde  

I am so happy for you! Celebrate...!!!



Isabel Alves 2:30 da tarde  

Só não adivinho a sorte grande, quando a Luisa me telefonou a dar as novidades disse logo "Vou já ver ao blog, ele deve estar histérico!" Bem, só me resta desejar Bom Natal eh eh eh


Mont'Alves 8:36 da tarde  

Thank you dears.

Oh isabel é mais que motivo para estar completamente fora de min !!!!!

Shelamo Shelties 2:01 da tarde  

Whoo Hoooo!!!! You'll have loads of puppy breath soon!!!

Cool Design Shelties 6:01 da tarde  

Congratulations with the two litters....you and your family will have a lot of fun and hard work with all the puppies :o) Good luck with them all :o)


sofia 10:54 da tarde  

Estou mesmo feliz...desta vez até esqueceste de me telefonar...bom na terça eu tb não estava lá na faculdade de veterinária para comemorar contigo...tenho o Tomás doente...
Um grande beijinho

Zindelijk BSDs 8:01 da manhã  

Hope all goes well, the parents are stunning. Lisa UK

Scrollbrush 5:58 da tarde  

Parece que assim a Paula já não te vai chatear... LOL. Muitos parabéns :) Boa sorte

Rianne Schoeber 11:44 da tarde  

Wooow, that's great news! I am looking forward to see grandchildren of Bonita being born in Portugal :-).
I will cross my fingers for you and Qhila!

Best regards from Holland
Rianne & Shelties

Constança 4:47 da tarde  

Boa Boa Boa!
bem que mereces anh?...
deves andar em biquinhos de pés de tanta felicidade...eu imagino a tua figurinha, ihihih...
Olha, já pensas-te que vais ter 2 ninhadas e casa ao mesmo tempo? 2 recéns mamãs, mais 10 macaquitos a fazer cocozinhos, xixis e a correrem «all over»?...
Fico muito contente!!!Parabéns pelos babies...
beijos a todos
Sara Luis

PS: e que os shetlands saiam castanhos e/ou pretos...ai desculpa, sable ou tricolores...eheheh

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