segunda-feira, setembro 28, 2009

Exposição Canina Nacional do Alto Alentejo

The past weekend was the National Alto Alentejo show, a small show in the south if Lisbon.
This year i offered my help to make it a small but very special show. Chupa Chups and Mentos sponsered the show and i organized the show ring, the podium and for the first time in Portugal a set for pic of the BOB and Best Puppy of Breed.
Every dog that won the BOB and BPOB could go to the podium and get it's pic taken for free and the pic was immediatly downloaded on the show blog that i created at
Everyone loved the idea of having the pic online on the spot.
The same think happened for the group. After the judgement of one group was over and the podium pic taken i immediatly post the pic on the blog before the next group.
it was a hard work but i was so happy with the result.
Hope you all enjoy the pic from the show at the blog:

A few pic:


Laureate 5:59 da tarde  

Great idea, and it sounds like you were time to jump into the photos?


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