segunda-feira, janeiro 28, 2008

Quila and the horses

Isabela birthday was on saturday and the party was at a friends farm with all her friends. at Quinta do Trevo all the children got the chance to ride a horse for a while. The dogs went along althought for safety reasons the laekens were kept away from the horses and the children while they were riding. Since Quila is the little one she got the chance to mingle and get topknow those big dogs.

Here are some pictures. The last one was taken in the end of the afternoon when i found her absolutly exausted. what a day for her.


quinta do trevo 1:34 da tarde  

Hi Rui,
Thanks for the pic. of Hynphra and for doing Isabela’s birthday at Quinta do Trevo, it was fun! My galgos enjoyed the afternoon (Monica at least).
Congratulations for Quila she is a doll

Sofifaruk 12:34 da manhã  

Olá Rui,
Pela primeira vez, venho ao teu blog!Não sabia que o tinhas:)
A Quila é linda, estou desejosa de a ver ao vivo e a cores.Temos que combinar juntar o Almofadinhas (Miró) e a Quila
Mudei a cara ao meu blog e a partir de hoje voltou a ter vida, vou já adicionar o teu blog ao meu.

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