domingo, dezembro 02, 2007

Sir Umberto do Clã dos Ursos

Well at the same time and at the same place as the Santarem dog show there was a cavy show going on. Our friend Rita was there with her Cavys and oh well Isabela fell in love with Umberto because he had the hair like her and with the same colour. So Umberto the Cavy come home and is now living at Isabela room. Umberto is a Merino Cavy. The fun thing is That Cavys have shows like the dogs and pedigrees too. Isabela is so excited about that that she will start going to Cavy Shows with Umberto. Soon more updates. Umberto will hav his special page at the Mont'Alves website soon. Rita's Cavys can be found at


Clã dos Ursos 3:53 da tarde  

Oh! So cute that he looks on the pictures... When the ears come down and the coat grows he will be even more lovely!
Best wishes for Isabela at the cavies shows! She's the youngest member of the Club! :)
Ta ta! :)

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