segunda-feira, outubro 01, 2007

Isa is not pregnant

Althought everyone involved did all the best for Isa to get pregnant unfortunatly after today's appointment at the vet the ultrasound reveled that she is not expecting babies.

It was a very sad moment for all of us at home. Anyway i would like to thank again to Marcella and her lovely mother that took care of Isa while she was in Holland.

Maybe next time we will have better luck.


Clyrholm 4:18 da tarde  

Oh, I'm so sorry that Isa is empty. Portugal really needs some nice Shelties for show, agility and more. The Portuguese team in the world championship in Hamar/Norway was only three large dogs, no medium and no small.
This was terrible news.

Please, Rui. Can you answer my emails or give me a call? I want to know what time is best for me to visit you.


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